Time marches on. Things change. Technology advances. Strategy must adapt.

The OLD web-site strategy was as follows:

Wide variety + daily updates + SEO = heavy traffic = success.

This worked well. Up to a point. Then the “economy of scale” turned into the opposite. The beached whale was slowly crushed to death under its own weight!

The problem was threefold: 1) bandwidth cost, 2) increased enemy attack, and 3) sheer labor of maintenance and constant updating.

Our NEW web-site strategy is this:

A coordinated network of many specialized web-sites. Each concentrates on its own niche. Each targets its own best prospects. But it ALSO “passes along” the other prospects to its “sister web-sites” in the hope THEY will “capture” the ones that are a better “fit” for them.

Some of us have already implemented this strategy. We work together, very closely and very effectively. For mutual benefit. And, above all, for the sake of the movement!