I am by no means “anti-swastika”! Back in the 1970’s in Chicago I wore a SA uniform in NS demonstrations. Furthermore, to the best of my knowledge, I have produced more open NS printed propaganda than anybody alive in the world today.

However, when I engage in one-on-one verbal propaganda in rural Nebraska, I don’t use the swastika or National Socialist terminology. I neither hide nor flaunt my somewhat unconventional politic beliefs. But I do use a different approach.

My objectives are as follows:

First, convince people that I’m a decent, sincere, and friendly fellow.

Second, give them the impression that I am reasonable, knowledgeable, interesting, and entertaining.

Third, establish a rapport with them. Find some common ground.

Fourth, figure out the best way to approach them.

Fifth, carefully execute that approach while carefully observing their reactions and fine-tuning my delivery.

I don’t try to “convert” them overnight. I nudge them in our direction. And make them at least a little bit more open to our way of thinking.

Even I have sometimes been amazed by the results. For example, when an American WWII veteran referred to WWII as “necessary”, I calmly explained why I disagreed. He listened attentively. After a moment of silence, he shook my hand and THANKED me for “EXPLAINING” this to him!

More important – and much more likely than turning them into a 100% National Socialist – I often DO convince people that we are ON THE SAME SIDE!

ANYBODY can do this with a little guidance and a lot of practice.

EVERYBODY should at least try.

Important: You do not have to “go all the way” and reveal yourself as a “radical”! I understand your concern. I was an executive in a Jewish company for ten years!

One-on-one, face-to-face verbal propaganda is our most effective tool!

We simply can’t afford to let this tool rust away unused in the tool box… simply because we are afraid we might occasionally cut a finger.