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Step Two: Tell Us What YOU are WILLING and ABLE to Do!

Decide HOW you want to help. Options include: 1) literature distribution, 2) volunteer work, and 3) financial donations.

LITERATURE DISTRIBUTION: Download our propaganda material .pdf files from this web-site. You do not even have to contact us or reveal your identity. Or order our #702 Propaganda CD, which contains many layouts. Then print the leaflets, stickers, etc. yourself. Important: Also read How To Distribute Literature Effectively!

VOLUNTEER WORK: Contact us to discuss your skills and our needs. Our co-workers are scattered around the globe. The NSDAP/AO works LEGALLY – but nonetheless clandestinely - where National Socialism is legal. And “illegally” – but non-violently – where National Socialism is banned. Note: We do not even need to know your real identity! All we need is a line of communication. Here is a testimonial and an Inside Look at the NSDAP/AO Today!

DONATION: Make draft payable on a U.S. bank in U.S. currency. Or mail us banknotes (Euro, U.S. dollars or any other major currency). If you prefer to remain anonymous, simply mail us well-concealed cash.

PURCHASE: Another option is to make a purchase either from the NSDAP/AO directly or from one of our friends at Third Reich Books and Zensurfrei . The former is a publisher of original Third Reich books translated into English and other languages. It accepts major credit cards. The company name that appears on the credit card statement as the merchant looks harmless. The latter is a web-site reseller whose specialty is hosting political dissident web-sites.


Co-workers for production.

Activists for distribution.

Donors for funds.

Man for man and dollar for dollar, NOBODY outperforms the NSDAP/AO!!!

The NSDAP/AO's Track Record Proves It!

“Isolated” acts of NS resistance are GOOD!...“Linked” acts of NS resistance are

BETTER!...”Coordinated” acts of NS resistance are BEST! - Here are FIVE real life examples.

Open NS Tabloid Newspapers in TEN Languages

When the Berlin Wall fell, the NS movement experienced explosive growth in Germany.

The NSDAP/AO had already been publishing open NS tabloid newspapers in two languages, German and English, for about a decade and a half. We had the skills and methodology down pat. Expansion into additional languages was the logical next step, but we couldn't do it alone.

So we mailed an appeal to our subscribers outside of the German-speaking and English-speaking world.

Basically, we said this:

"We want to launch an open NS tabloid newspaper in YOUR native language, too. However, we do not know your language. Will you help us?"

The response was overwhelming!

During a two year period, we expanded from TWO to TEN open NS tabloid newspapers. This was totally unprecedented in postwar history. (We even helped to finance a NS newspaper printed in RUSSIA.)

None of these new EIGHT newspapers would have been born without BOTH the NSDAP/AO AND it's network of volunteer co-workers around the world.

In order to better appreciate the effort required, one must remember that all this happened BEFORE the Internet and e-mail communication...and when desktop publishing was still in its infancy! Relatively few people owned a PC back then.

Communication was usually in the form of a letter sent via snail mail. Only a few co-workers had a fax machine.

Most of these co-workers sent TYPED articles, which NSDAP/AO volunteer staff had to typeset...DESPITE the fact they usually did NOT KNOW the language in question. This work was IN ADDITION to their regular work.

Later the NSDAP/AO equipped its best and most reliable "off-site" co-workers with compatible (Atari 520 ST) computers. Instead of using a typewriter, they key-stroked the text on the Atari and mailed it to us on a 3 1/2 inch floppy disk. The "on-site" staff imported those text files into a desktop publishing program, printed columns of justified text with a laser printer...and then cut it out with a scissors and hand-pasted it onto card stock. Those layouts (aka "mechanicals) were sent to the printer, who shot the negatives from them, made the plates and printed the actual finished product.

These new tabloids appeared for YEARS. Even after NSDAP/AO chief Gerhard Lauck was "kidnapped" in Denmark in 1995 and extradited to Germany, where he remained imprisoned until 1999.

Only after Gerhard Lauck's return to Lincoln in 1999 did rising costs force a shift from tabloid format to newsletter format. (For a while, these newsletters appeared in even MORE than ten languages.)

Unfortunately, the rise of the Internet also led to the decline of printed periodicals.

Furthermore, revenue from "other sources" dwindled due to various factors. (The NSDAP/AO operated at a loss. We had to make up the difference from our own pockets. This led to separate business ventures, which provided significant sums for decades.) - The Great Recession didn't help!

The Internet seems to have become BOTH a blessing AND a "curse".

The "blessing" part, the ADVANTAGES, are pretty obvious.

The "curse" part, or the DISADVANTAGES, are less obvious. They include:

First, the "drought" of information has become a "flood" of information. The "good stuff" gets buried. Sometimes it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Other times it just gets buried.

Second, instead of subscribers to a periodical identifying with - and financially supporting - the organization that published it, they simply browse the web. The "voyeurism" of surfing offers free and instant diversion and entertainment. Akin to "free love" in the form of a no-strings attached one-night opposed to a long-termed, committed marriage resulting in family and children.

Third, ineffective (even if well-intended) amateurism replaces professionalism. [Note: Even if the technical quality and the content of the "propaganda product" are sometimes VERY good, it's deployment and potential is seldom OPTIMIZED. The NSDAP/AO can help here.]

Fourth, many National Socialists and other nationalists OVER-estimate the Internet. Instead of viewing the Internet as ONE tool, they view it as the WHOLE TOOL BOX! (This is especially obvious in America, where the movement in much WEAKER today than it was in the 1970's. In Europe, it's much STRONGER.)

This is akin to a barn-raising, where TWENTY people show up with this cool, new, high tech tool known as a "SAW"...but NOBODY brings a crude, old-fashioned and "out-of-date" tool known as a "HAMMER". Sure, a heck of a lot of wood gets cut. But for some strange reason, the barn doesn't get built!

This is why the “NSDAP/AO model” of the 1990's (its peak period) is very instructive.

The NSDAP/AO propaganda machine became world renown among friend and foe.

Sympathetic individuals contacted the NSDAP/AO and asked: "How can I help!" We provided opportunities for effective activism.

Sympathetic organizations contacted the NSDAP/AO and asked: "How can we work together?" We found ways to do this. Both benefited. The movement grew. It was a win-win-situation.

The ENEMY (the mainstream media) contacted the NSDAP/AO and asked: "Can we have an interview?” (Whenever anything NS related happened anywhere in the world, reporters contacted the NSDAP/AO in Lincoln and asked us about it. Sometimes we were taken by surprise and had to call them back after phoning or faxing an ally for information.)

The “media co-ordination” was extremely effective! Our “media packages” sometimes included interviews with the leaders of multiple NS organizations, not only the NSDAP/AO, rather ALSO with its key allies in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. (Of course, the NS leaders involved discussed this in advance and coordinated what was – and what was NOT – to be said!)

Even a pretty small NS propaganda action in some far off corner of the world became SIGNIFICANT and hence NEWSWORTHY, if there was a NSDAP/AO "connection" or "angle to the story".

Many times, this connection took the form of a NSDAP/AO swastika sticker.

Sometimes it took the form of an action by known NSDAP/AO allies. For example, the big Rudolf Hess demonstrations in Germany and the open NS radio station in Denmark.

The most dramatic expression of this is the Swedish television documentary film "Wahrheit macht frei", in which the NSDAP/AO plays a prominent role. (This film has been broadcast in a dozen countries.)

These are ACTUAL DEEDS and FACTS. Not mere “theory”. [See the “NSDAP/AO Chronology” and “Media Excerpts” chapters in the online book at An Introduction to the NSDAP/AO: The Fight Goes On!

NSDAP/AO Swastika Stickers in the Millions

When the future founder of the NSDAP/AO, Gerhard Lauck, traveled throughout Germany in 1972, he often saw NS graffiti. The slogans and design sometimes suggested sincere National Socialists were at work. Not just kids fooling around.

However, he did not see any clear signs of a serious ORGANIZED NS resistance movement in Germany. (Specifically, open NS and hence illegal, i.e. underground.)

Right after returning to the United States, he printed 1,000 German-language swastika stickers with the name “NSDAP-Auslandsorganisation” in small type at the bottom. They were air mailed in several small packets to comrades in Germany. One of them soon appeared on German television on a Willi Brandt election poster.

The printer, comrade George Adam Link, commented, “I just wish we could have printed TEN thousand instead ONE thousand.”

Lauck was horrified! He thought to himself: “How could I AFFORD to print that many?”

One year later the average press run was 100,000 and cost $300.

The appearance of professionally printed swastika stickers (and posters etc.) with the SAME name/address soon proved, in a dramatic and inescapable manner, the existence of an ORGANIZED NS resistance movement in Germany. MOST of the credit for this belongs to the many unsung and unidentified NS underground fighters in Germany. However, this would NOT have been possible without the NSDAP/AO concept and its EXECUTION.

Massive publicity was the result. It usually came in waves. Sometimes expected, sometimes unexpected. At any rate, this free advertising produced MANY new recruits!

This was the beginning of the NS movement in Germany that exists today!

Over the years a “legal arm” of the movement emerged from the “illegal arm”. The most famous leader of the former was Michael Kühnen. He was recruited and trained by one of the NSDAP/AO’s earliest and most successful underground fighters, “Armin”. Kühnen (and his successors) worked very closely with Lauck.

Kühnen and Lauck considered themselves members of not only the same “movement”, rather even of the same “organization”! This was reflected in a slight change in the organization’s name. “Auslandsorganisation” became “Auslands- und Aufbauorganisation”.

Their relationship has been described as akin to two different branches of service in the same military. (For example, the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force…In their case, perhaps Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe would be more appropriate examples.)

This was confirmed by Michael Kühnen in his books. An extensive quote appears in Gerhard Lauck’s autobiography The Education of an Evil Genius. Their collaboration is also strikingly portrayed in the Swedish television documentary “Wahrheit macht frei!” [This book's introduction provides a brief, but illuminating, summary of Gerhard Lauck's background.]

Similar to a very long war, the “theaters of war” – and hence the most predominant “branch of service” – changed back and forth. The “illegal arm”, embodied in the NSDAP/AO, was predominant in the 1970’s and again in the 1990’s. The “legal arm”, on the other hand, was dominant in the 1980’s and again after the turn of the century. It still is today. This may or may not change yet again. Nobody knows the future.

NSDAP/AO Sponsored Public Access Television

Back in the early 1990’s, a package with a video cassette arrived in Lincoln. We didn’t fully grasp the significant of the cover letter. And we were far too busy to stop and watch a video. So it got set aside for a couple days before it was turned over to somebody with the request to watch it and report back.

Perhaps a week later, we received a very excited phone call from that co-worker. He had watched the video. He exclaimed it was GREAT! An open NS television program right here in the United States!

We had never heard, or even imagined, that anything like that even existed! (Note: The show had already been in existence for some time! Obviously, it was well-known in THEIR city, but NOT anywhere else!)

The crew producing this show asked the NSDAP/AO to become its “official sponsor”. We accepted in a heart beat! From then on, there was a brief screen message “Sponsored by the NSDAP/AO” in each and every episode of this WEEKLY program.

The NSDAP/AO published FRONT PAGE articles on this show in ALL TEN NEWSPAPERS.

We urged comrades to try to get it on public access in THEIR cities, too. We paid for the “sub-masters” they would need. At one point, the show was broadcast in SIXTEEN different cities.

The mere existence of this open NS television program was a morale (and prestige) boost worldwide!

A German academic published a dissertation on the NSDAP/AO. He cited the existence of our own television program as proof of our substantial funding and sophistication!

When the international NS brigade fighting in Croatia sent the NSDAP/AO front footage, even combat footage, we passed it along to the television program crew. They included in their, now “OUR” show.

This was a clear “win-win” situation for the crew of that show AND for the NSDAP/AO AND for the NS movement worldwide!

Now for the kicker. This television program crew had approached TWO other MAJOR NS organizations - but had been turned down by both (!) - before they came to us. Twice rejected, both of us now found “true love”.


This project was launched in spring 2014. 422 new NS Internet videos were produced and uploaded in less then two NSDAP/AO team members on three continents...with very limited computer skills, outdated equipment, and even less money.


This project was launched in March 2015. Eighty-six issues in sixteen languages were published between March and December 2015.

YOU can help! Join our team!

Together We Are Strong!

An Inside Look at the NSDAP/AO Today!

Let us start with an analogy!

Once upon a time there was a “consulting firm”.  This firm operated on a global scale.  In and of itself, this may not sound too unusual.  Especially today.  Nonetheless, this firm was unusual.  Even by today’s standards.

The clients of this consulting firm were primarily small businesses and non-profit organizations in Europe.  The firm itself was based in the USA, where freedom of speech and—by European standards—minimal government regulation gave it a major advantage over European-based firms.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of this firm was a “German-American”.  Or, more accurately, an “Amerikadeutscher” or “Auslandsdeutscher.”

This firm’s co-workers fell into various categories: a) “business associates” and “independent contractors”, b) “volunteers” who sympathized with personal beliefs of the firm’s CEO, c) “volunteers” who were aligned with groups with similar beliefs, and d) people who simply believed in the ideal of free speech and who wanted to protest against the suppression of free speech.  Regardless of ideology.

The very close cooperation of all these diverse elements inside the same firm had both advantages and disadvantages.  The advantages are obvious. The disadvantages include SECURITY!

Therefore, the firm took very strict and extensive security precautions.  (For example, even internally, only “nicknames” were used instead of real names.)  These precautions may have seemed excessive.  Especially to Americans living inside America.  Nonetheless, the risk of “cross-contamination” and the potential “trace back” of especially electronic communications forced the firm to take these precautions.

Now let’s take a closer look “inside” this firm!

For the sake of our illustration here, we will use a fictional American named “Joe.”

Joe contacted the firm and said he wanted to do volunteer work.

He received a reply that includes the following:

First, he was asked about his skills, interests, and the kind of work he would like to do.

Second, he was offered his first “assignment.”  (Of course, he was free to either accept or reject any assignment.  If he accepted, he was requested to provide an ETA.)

Third, he was told a little about the firm’s security precautions.

When Joe’s first assignment was described, he was told this task was “easy, but boring.” He accepted.

Joe diligently performed his indeed “easy, but boring” task.  It was now clear to him that this was indeed “work”, not “fun and games”.  But Joe was a dedicated idealist.  Not a hobbyist.  So he didn’t mind.

Joe looked at it this way.  This “grunt work” had to be done by somebody.  Besides, this gave the “new guy” a chance to prove he was a “doer” and not a ”talker”.

Eventually Joe was offered another assignment.  He accepted it. This assignment was neither as easy nor as boring as the first one.  But it was not difficult. Joe told himself: “Okay! Now I have graduated from boot camp.”

A year passed.  Joe was very pleased. He had done and learned a lot during this time.  He understood how his work had contributed to the firm’s impressive progress. He saw concrete results.  He knew he had played a meaningful role.  His assignments were gradually becoming more interesting.  He liked doing them!

There were many people like Joe in the firm.

Of course, “Joe” is a fictional character. But his story is based on real people and real events!

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