Horst Mahler seeks asylum after revocation of "thought crime"probation

After Horst Mahler delivered a moving speech on January 19, 2017 ("We fight in order to win" see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsEK0inc02A), the Superior Provincial Court of Brandenburg revoked his probation for "thought crimes." Mahler was supposed to report to prison today, April 19, 2017.

Earlier, namely before this court decision, he had been declared unfit for imprisonment due to his health and was allowed to be in the circle of his family. His previous imprisonment and resultant poor medical care had worsened his health so much that his left lower leg had to be amputated. If his wife had not been so persistent, he might have died in prison - which the German government obviously was willing to accept.


Horst Mahler has by his own account fled, since this incarceration in view of his health would be the same thing as a death sentence. He will now seek asylum in a "sovereign state ready to accept him."

He has left behind a final video message: https://youtu.be/VAMQfE-FOn4


Both videos are well worth watching!

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