2016 Summer Offensive

We have been preparing for years for the eventuality that increasing government repression in Germany leads to a widespread shift from “legal” to (non-violent) “underground” resistance.


This preparation started to intensify a few years ago.


Around the start of 2014 research began on the feasibility of using Internet forums as a recruiting ground. Two previous studies in 2004 and 2008 had come to the conclusion that forums are not viable for our purposes. This study very nearly came to the same conclusion.    


In the spring of 2014 the Internet Video project was launched. Over 400 videos in several languages were produced and distributed in less than two months by a small, poorly-equipped, untrained, and un-funded team of volunteers. Most of those volunteers came from the recruitment effort in forums during the previous few weeks. Quality of personnel and organization were confirmed. 


Encouraged by the success of this project and by the performance of one individual in particular, the decision was made to make a major effort to research forum recruitment. Another new recruit distinguished himself here.


By the end of 2014 the many hundreds of hours devoted to R&D had finally yielded a cost effective methodology for “mining” forums for quality recruits. 


In spring of 2015 our bulletin project was launched over a year ahead of schedule despite severe financial limitations. It was originally envisioned as two quarterly periodicals. It almost immediately became a monthly periodical. By the end of 2015, over 80 issues had been published - both online PDF and printed editions - in sixteen languages. Much of the work was performed by new recruits from forums. Quality of personnel and organization were confirmed again.


Furthermore, in 2015 there were over 130 book press runs in four languages. Many sold-out books were reprinted. Books also appeared in new languages.


In the month of November 2015 alone our first eight books in Italian were published.


In February 2016 we announced we had reprinted the German edition of the book authored by Germany’s most famous statesman. This was soon followed by five more language editions of this masterpiece.


In the first quarter of 2016 nineteen new books in nine languages were published. Three of these were our first books in those languages. (This count does not include twelve new “e-books” in five languages.)


Multiple teams have translated scores of books into several languages. The Italian Team alone has translated sixty books since last autumn. 


In April 2016 alone 40 new books in several languages were published.


In May 2016 the Book Promotion Campaign, which we had already tested on the premier forum in America, was added to a major news commentary web-site, and then quickly expanded. Now (mid-June 2016) more webmasters are joining in! 


In June a new team started preparation for a major improvement of our web-sites. This is part of a fundamental shift in our “web-site” strategy. So far two web-sites have been professionally designed: nsdap.info and rjgenterprises.org. There will soon be more


The 2016 Summer Offensive officially started on June 22, 2016!


Let us know if YOU want to participate!

NSDAP/AO : Box 6414
Lincoln, NE  68506 USA
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