Stormfront Action Radio Summary
Gerhard Lauck Interview
February 8, 2018

Stormfront Action Radio, 02-08-18

Movement heavyweight with 45+ years of activism under his belt, Gerhard Lauck is today's guest on Stormfront Action Radio. Show begins with Gerhard giving a brief and somewhat modest history of his work in the Movement. Talk turns to the 100 websites recently created by Gerhard and crew, 100 sites hosted on their own server, 100 sites designed as tools for activism.

Examples: click here and view free flyers easily downloaded. Click here (and scroll down) and you will have the option of creating flyers personalized with your state or country in the URL. And those URLs are hosted by Gerhard on his server. Complete anonymity.

Would you like to have your own website? Gerhard and crew can host it for you, the first 3-months free. Need a design for your website? That service is available. And that website will be created by those who do it for a living (price flexible).

Many on Stormfront are aware of Gerhard's book offer. It still stands: donate $25 to Stormfront and choose from any of the books shown here. Nearly 400 books in total, 200 in English. If nothing else, visit the site and view what dedication has produced. I've many of those books and intend to purchase more.

Frank and Gerhard discuss strategies used by veteran activists, the do's and the don'ts of the trade. Both agree that teamwork within the Movement is now an absolute necessity, that we must come together and quit competing against one another. 

Frank and Gerhard explain why they favor the Betsy Ross flag on flyers, T-shirts, etc.

Show concludes with a call from Jeremy in KY. Jeremy offers his views on how to best approach baby boomers and millennials, the importance of choosing topics those groups care about and presenting your side in a manner not offensive to either.

[I'll post the vid when it becomes available. If you don't like talk shows, put that prejudice aside and listen to this one. You won't be sorry. Gerhard Lauck covers much ground, far more than my swollen fingers and aging brain were able to keep up with.] 
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