Announcement for September 3, 2017

We must all prepare NOW so that we can find censored web-sites in the FUTURE!
Save this url:
If and when your favorite web-site disappears from the internet, look there for information on how to find it.  Or supply the information yourself.
No cost, no obligation!

Fight back against censorship! The “freezing ” or “hold” – some say “theft” – of domain names by registrars is a very dangerous precedent! This is not about any one individual and his beliefs. It is a threat to EVERYBODY’S Internet freedom. Spread the Word! Important: Also mention our url so people know where to go in the future. (Note: Listing does not necessarily imply endorsement or affiliation of any kind.) 

Note Daily Stormer’s gab url: (You will need a gab account in order to access it.)

Download Tor browser: Put this in the URL bar: http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion. (You can ONLY access their “dark web” url using a TOR browser!)

Note their blog:


Here’s how to get past Stormfront’s domain being terminated.

Google “how to edit hosts file” for your platform.
Open your hosts file with an editor.
Add this line to your hosts file.

Now save the file, close then re-open your browser and open this URL.

Please spread the word!
NSDAP/AO : Box 6414
Lincoln, NE  68506 USA
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